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I have a couple less public accounts and am not shy about changing post privacy so if you see a thing you'd like to boost, boost it

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Many of my posts are unsolicited advice.

Know that most of those posts are advice that I'm actively working on taking right that second.

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If i don't follow back, it's probably because you haven't interacted enough with me or my friends and/ or don't have enough public posts.

I'm down to make new friends but I'm trying to exercise reasonable judgement.

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I'm a:
Computational scientist (PhD in Biology via Applied Math), doing the academia thing until I rage quit.

baker/dog owner/wannabe goth/poppunk nostalgist/(s)witch/comic nerd/crafter

Wantonly bisexual, terrible at romance, worse at monogamy, permanently angry at gender norms.

I like:

brazilian jiu jitsu/muay thai/dance/lifting

Weight, neighbor kid story 

caffeine, supplement 

med neg 

Y'ALL ASKED FOR THEM, SO I'M MAKING THEM. Preorders for #QueerVillainPride hard enamel pins and nylon flags are now available in the brand new DistressedEgg Gumroad Store!

mundane bitterness 

tabletop friends: what's a thing that, if it was missing in a game you played, you'd actually miss?

what's a thing you're surprised/delighted to find included?

I'm kind of system agnostic here

light homophobia, child story 

my friend gave me two of her pothos

so many pothos

a fun thing about the fediverse: most people have their pronouns in their bio. Just check before gendering them, for the love of....

Joking take on actual minor disaster 

tabletop thought 

"revel in the hollow glory" and "revel in the holo glory" have very different implications but sound exactly the same

LB: I am somehow still listening to Jolene covers

Swallow here is sitting here vocalizing at the pool and now I'm concerned

complainy, blood ment 

Old school goth night selfie (by which I mean it's old school goth music) w/ eye contact

I can't stop thinking about my code running at home....

hey friends - chances are it's hot where you are and you should probably drink some water if you've been forgetting to

meds, brain, irritation 

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