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I'm a:
Professor of Analytics, doing the academia thing until I rage quit.

baker/dog owner/wannabe goth/poppunk nostalgist/(s)witch/comic nerd/crafter

Wantonly bisexual, terrible at romance, worse at monogamy, permanently angry at gender norms.

I am OBSESSED with ttrpgs. Check out what I write at, what I run/play at, and what I make at

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Mh - 


making myself cry with this thing I'm writing

Reminder for the me of yesterday:

You are not responsible for anyone's MH but your own.

some days I aspire to be morticia

days like today I aspire to be gomez

let's blow up some trains

trivial anxiety vent 

you ever hit wordcount and feel a little faint when you realize you're at 6000 words and counting?

this is going to be a big project.

good for me.

hot take 


I'm in full on "this is happening" mode and it's cool but also like... what?

Kris found two different slices of pizza on two different walks today.

This is two more slices of pizza than a dog should find.

2 friends today have posted about having more time to write games being potentially bad for there MH and I'm just sitting here trying not to put the blame for that on myself since I prodded both of them to design games.

dear students: I can never meet before 1 Eastern because I am not awake before 1 Eastern do not be an asshole ty ty

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"Plainly speaking it's only the product that which you want. Stare at the swirling mixture, isn't the process something you should enjoy too?"

#GuephrenArt #Fractal #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Me, shouting, typing into a text document while listening to music "THERE ARE NO RULES THIS IS ANARCHY"


I presume this is also how everyone else designs games.

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