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If you want to pay me to run a game for you+your friends, you can hire me to do so through here

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I'm a:
Computational scientist (PhD in Biology via Applied Math), doing the academia thing until I rage quit.

baker/dog owner/wannabe goth/poppunk nostalgist/(s)witch/comic nerd/crafter

Wantonly bisexual, terrible at romance, worse at monogamy, permanently angry at gender norms.

I like:

brazilian jiu jitsu/muay thai/dance/lifting

I am now the proud owner of nightmare lipstick ™️

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cw: fluids 

Got a new shirt because bad puns and goats are both my guilty pleasure

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self driving cars, pedestrian dread, death mention 

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self driving cars, pedestrian dread, death mention 

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self driving cars, pedestrian dread, death mention 

gender affirmation, congratulations 

Saw a really cool ring that doubled as a fidget toy. Gunmetal ring wrapped in chain that would spin around the surface of the ring.

Knew a friend would love it.

ALSO knew buying a ring for a straight dude implies a thing.


I'm being watched (selfie, eye contact, surveillance culture)

All of these pictures taken at the city museum, which everyone here should absolutely go to at least once (although accessibility is a problem)

Obligatory selfie (w/ ec) in front of a several story organ

emetophobes do not read, dear diary 

disclaimer: this story is fictional, although when I sent it to someone I've been on dates with, he asked who it was, which indicates to me that I did an okay job at capturing my particular energy

This story is free, the game it's about is not - although you can always PM @paulczege and ask for it if you can't afford the game, but are interested in playing it

My feelings about the game are uniformly positive, even if my story is about being challenged by it. All it requires is someone you're comfortable cuddling for a potentially very long time and a place where you can cuddle and people watch in public

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