I acquired a very enthusiastic tail on the way to the store

She was winding around my legs

Then i took out my phone and she immediately tried to climb me

I picked her up and pet her to many purrs

I was given to understand that this is not how cats work

@maenad oh how lovely! You have been supremely blessed


I'm sorry, but.. that chin! those whiskers! that flooof!!! such a good kitty!


HOOMAN, YOU ARE BONDED. is this working? ugh. Emperor Von Fluffmeister said this would work. HOOMAN? ARE YOU GETTING ME FOOD YET?

@sydneyfalk if I didn't have it on good authority that this is someone else's cat, she would be my cat

Even though she and Kris have a mutual antipathy mostly expressed through the crack in the door. They both seem to feel like they belong in this apartment and the other is an imposter.

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