game friends: what are your favorite feel-good short games?

@maenad wow, I feel like I should be able to answer this better? ?/? then again maybe it's the feel-good?

@ruth I'm so used to like... either cute games that are basically daily grind stuff (AC) or short games that are explorations of being queer or whatever


Video games? Board games? Role-playing games? Playground games? Reindeer games?

@signalstation video games or reindeer games, please

I don't wanna have to talk to like PEOPLE for the other three


video games:

reindeer games:
Let's All Hide From the Glowing-Nosed Freak


ah, and found my Steam list, so I'll add:

video games:
Mountain (? ... not really a game?)
Monster Loves You

reindeer games:
Ingest psilocybin via mushrooms then let our reindeer handlers get a 2nd-hand high via drinking our urine
Let's Pretend Red Nose Isn't Here and We Can't Hear Him

@maenad if you have an iOS device, I like the Alto games for this, Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure (Odyssey is the latest one and is very very good IMO)

@staticsafe @maenad Agreed those games are fabulous. Graphically beautiful and they make great use of the controls available.

@maenad For non mobile platforms, I really enjoy Stardew Valley. It's "short" in the sense that you can play it in very small time increments, and it's all about cultivating relationships with people, running a successful farm, and being a solid part of your community.

@maenad monster prom. journey. one click death punch.flower. day of the tentacle. mini metro. more probably? 😄

@tessaracht monster prom sounds perfect and I know nothing about it

@maenad it's fantastic, can be played with friends, and the games are short but have nice replayability. definitely give it a shot, I love it.

@maenad Let us know what you end up choosing and whether you enjoy it or not! :) FWIW I also like No Man's Sky but that one's highly controversial. I find it to be a good "casual" game because I can pick it up, go do some exploring, resource gathering, mine some stuff, etc and walk away. A lot of people balk at the price tag on that one, and the fact that it apparently didn't deliver on its promises in its initial release, but I love it.

@maenad If you like solving puzzles, the Monument Valley games manage to be both challenging and calming.

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