neighbor kid update 

kid got a homework assignment to read for an hour with a parent

... I am not a parent, but somehow we read for an hour anyway. "diary of a wimpy kid" - I gave them a notebook to use as a journal 'cause they got really excited

then brother came and got kid and goes "holy cow do you play D&D? I wanna get involved!" anyway

neighbor kid update scary, ACAB 

aaaand dad just knocked on my door with 2 cops and asked where kid was

I said "I haven't seen her in the last 10 minutes"

because it was true

(brother had collected her)

fuck, though

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neighbor kid update scary, ACAB 

@benhamill child support/custody BS is going on and I know and am trying to just be a safe harbor for kid

but yeah, it's bad

neighbor kid update scary, ACAB 

@maenad Good luck. It's a noble cause.

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