What storytelling game should I try running?

Things I like: dark fantasy, mystery

Things I dislike: straightforward moral systems, settings with rules and lore that can't be modified by players/GM too much.

@tessaracht I've run both quite a bit!

Less a fan of mosterhearts because too much kissing :< (I always play the queen so I don't have to kiss people myself)

@maenad awwwww that's literally my favourite part hahahaha

let us know what you decide on, I don't get to game much lately so I'm curious about other systems. :)

@maenad Swords without Master. Hands down. It is a sword & sorcery thing with no real setting defined. It doesn't want you to plan anything. It rewards improvisation and collaboration strongly. It's my group's go-to game. LMK if you want me to hunt down a link with more info.

@benhamill really well! I was the only one who ever rolled jovial 😅

everyone but me died and were buried in my alter's creepy fae-plane

@maenad Wow cool! One thing that made a big interesting difference for our group was when one of us who was running it decided to model an argument as a Perilous Phase. It was super rad and thereafter, we've used those mechanics for any time there's a disagreement sort of a situation, not just violent ones.

@maenad wanna run ffg star wars and fuck up the moral system and rules & lore

@maenad I'm hesitant to recommend Nobilis, but I think you could run a hell of a Nobilis game given those constraints.

@maenad I should point out that I'm hesitant to recommend Nobilis because it's diceless, weird, not straightforward, and often makes just absolutely no sense. On the other hand, it is awesome.

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