Friends - I'm running bluebeard's bride online again tonight. 7 Mountain time (local), 6 pacific, 9 eastern.

DM me if you're interested!

Because I haven't said it verbatim in some time: this, and all of my games, is a trans friendly game and ANY transphobes will be immediately booted.

However, it's also a feminine horror game, which means that issues of identity and queerness/transness may also come up in play.

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what you need to play Bluebeard's Bride with me (and potentially @signalstation ) if you're interested in feminine gothic horror:

you do not need to have a working familiarity with the rules, dice, or any knowledge of the game or system

You DO need to have the desire to play a feminine horror game, though

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@maenad @signalstation Best of luck! I respect the HELL out of that have though I don't trust my roleplaying to do it justice, or my mental fortitude to be up to trying it.

@Canageek the mental fortitude is fair, but do not thing you have to meet some arbitrary standard of experience or quality of RP

@maenad Nah, but that is the type of game that REALLY benefits from deep immersion and I don't trust myself with that. I've run to many horror games where one player cracked a joke and the mood was gone all evening. With Cthulhu when I sense that has happened I can switch it to a pulpy light comedy game and have a good evening, which doesn't work for most horror

@Canageek @maenad

You're probably selling yourself short. Also, immersion isn't a soap bubble. If it breaks, it can come right back, so long as the players want it to. It's more important to play with people you trust to share your goals for the session, than anything else.

With BBB: jokes are going to happen. Tension has to break occasionally. But then we go right back and can go deeper 'cause we're re-fortified. Like whales gulping air, then diving.

@maenad @gravezwave wish I could but less-fun things have imposed themselves on me

@maenad @pagrus oh jeez I just woke up. I might be able to pop in in a bit if you still need a person?

@maenad @pagrus if we manage to catch each other at a better time some other session, I'd be happy to join! I've only seen the system in passing and was intrigued

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