Friends - I'm running bluebeard's bride online again tonight. 7 Mountain time (local), 6 pacific, 9 eastern.

DM me if you're interested!

what you need to play Bluebeard's Bride with me (and potentially @signalstation ) if you're interested in feminine gothic horror:

you do not need to have a working familiarity with the rules, dice, or any knowledge of the game or system

You DO need to have the desire to play a feminine horror game, though

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@maenad @gravezwave wish I could but less-fun things have imposed themselves on me

@maenad @pagrus oh jeez I just woke up. I might be able to pop in in a bit if you still need a person?

@maenad @pagrus if we manage to catch each other at a better time some other session, I'd be happy to join! I've only seen the system in passing and was intrigued

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