Hey, I try to be sensitive about ableist words and such but I am definitely not the best so please poke me if I accidentally include ableism in something.

(Also racism/sexism/queermisia, but I'd hope that was more obvious).

this thought brought on by the realisation that "silly" is probably ableist.

I'm letting it stand in the previous post because I used "silly" to mean something I view as positive, and I think the tone was pretty positive.

But. Ultimately I'm not in a population hurt by misuse of those words so.

@maenad :( It might be?

But damn if I'm not having trouble with finding words for 'logic and what is happening appear to not be the best acquainted right now"

@Canageek my personal campaign against ableist language in my own speech is mostly about not using ability or lack thereof as an insult, but rather using intent. (45 is not stupid or crazy, so much as he's evil).

So by that criteria it's fine?

@maenad Whereas I don't mind insulting lack of ability (which is mostly a skill in my opinion, not something you are born with), but I don't want to insult non-NT people who have mental illness, or something that would have been counted as a mental illness at one point in time.

If you don't mind a few suggestions 


If you don't mind a few suggestions 

@erinbee I was thinking more to describe a situation or state of the world then a person

@maenad Original etymology is based on an Old English word for “happy,” so “silly jokes” kind of sounds like invoking the original usage before it picked up other connotations. Don’t know whether it’s a word that affects people today the way some other terms do, though.

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