does anyone have a bodyweight workout resource they recommend? minor complication: the screws in my left foot mean a pushup position is uncomfortable in a bad way (I can do knees and elevate to get a similar exercise)

@maenad Full disclosure: I work at Under Armour and specifically on the workout routines feature.

MapMyFitness (and -Run and -Ride, etc.) and MyFitnessPal both have a bunch of bodyweight routines we've published recently made by various personal trainers. I've been doing a modified one by Alex Crockford (whoever that is) that I like (you'd have to sub pushups and probably front plank for something else):

@maenad Uh. That link will try to open MFP on your phone. So… it may not open for you if you don't have it installed. So… yeah.

@benhamill yeah, I've been doing a lot of plank but mostly just sticking a couch cushion under my knees and doing a mildly elevated knee plank

@maenad has all kinds of stuff, all body weight, free and the community is nice if you decide to chat in the forums

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