alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

in the 10 days my houseguest has been here I've slept elsewhere twice

both times he's gotten problematically intoxicated

we had plans for yesterday to go into the mountains and have a day and he texted me at 2 AM that he was drunk and throwing up so couldn't go

I had fun without him

I am still hurt, exasperated, and disappointed.

alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

I've expressed this to him, and he's heard it but not understood it

he's like "I didn't get drunk so that I wouldn't be able to go" and I'm like "thaaaat's so far from why I'm upset you idiot I care about you"


alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

our conversation ended with me yelling "I JUST WANT YOU TO MAKE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY DECISIONS" at his retreating back which means it was PROBABLY not that productive in terms of actually changing anything but WAS cathartic.

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