We built our kickstarter cast off of people we're genuinely fans of, but the cast of 9 of the kickstarter includes a lesbian couple, a trans woman, 3 nbs, several misc queer people, a black canadian, and 2 people from the southeast asian RPG scene.

I don't want to promo amazing people based on their identities when their skills are incredible, but if you'd like to know you're not supporting a cis straight whitebread cast, you're not.

@maenad So you point out the sexual preferences and genders of the kickstarters in your promo, but what are you gathering funds to do?

@jelutz77 I didn't point that out since it was in both things I linked in the first post - we're gathering funds to publish a hardbound collection of original alchemically-themed incursions for an RPG, Trophy Dark. Incursions for Trophy Dark typically read like interactive short horror fiction, and will be from a variety of genres.

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