I am now the proud owner of nightmare lipstick ™️

Got a new shirt because bad puns and goats are both my guilty pleasure

I'm being watched (selfie, eye contact, surveillance culture)

Obligatory selfie (w/ ec) in front of a several story organ

Spotify, three of these things are pretty much the same and one is a near neighbor.

Running late but I look great (selfie, eye contact)

Post game 1 face update (selfie, eye contact, nap time feels)

Good morning, how may I horrify you today? (Selfie, eye contact)

"mom can I have some fabric to make a patch?"
"Sure, use any of this"
"That stuff's too nice, what about this sock?"
"Oh my god how did that sock get in this house can we kill it?"
"I'll get the scissors"
... Real conversation. I've never seen someone so angry at a sock.

I'm not pale because I'm getting sick, that's just makeup (I'm definitely getting sick)

Selfie, eye contact

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