Feeling prickly and fractious (goth selfie w/ eye contact)

I have showered, I have dressed, I have Walked The Dog, I am on my way to therapy

Pretty good for... Noon thirty 🤦‍♀️ (selfie, eye contact)

It's me, your science professor (Moody selfie with eye contact)

On the bus to court for my not-kid (selfie, eye contact)

Three pictures of text in places that amused me with their juxtaposition. No transcription - sorry.

Dog, food 

A nerd goes to lunch to talk about witches in the wild west (selfie, eye contact)

Traded 7 copies of my zine and ended up with this haul for 0 real world money

... Cleavage helped in the barter process

Shut up neon moon, bringing a creative project to print is not a "meaningless victory"

Tbf I also traded one for a deck of tarot cards

... Giving @signalstation his cut is going to be hard

Trading copies of the zine alpha for jewelry (selfie, eye contact, cleavage)

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