amazon, capitalism 

screencap of a tweet and a bunch of text, religious transphobic propaganda 

I don't want to give context for this picture so

1) know that it fills me with joy
2) my feet look awesome. I would want to be friends with someone whose feet looked like that

... It's a dude laying on a door

Decided to spite the friend who keeps saying I have "catlike energy". It backfired. (Selfie, eye contact)

Gratuitously made up selfie to celebrate signing two leases today (w/ eye contact)

This one's too complicated for me right now but I might try it anyway

Should i make prints of this? (Art involving boobs)

Stream might not happen today due to lack of players but the flip side is being terrified to show the internet my naked face means I have this makeup look down to under 10 mins (selfie, eye contact)

Two students bailed on me today so here's a selfie w/ eye contact

Ready to officiate a fucked up wedding (that is, run Bluebeard's bride)

Selfie, eye contact

Painted my face before dying in space (selfie, eye contact)

Still ?????? About this

(Grinder, pharmacy meds in background + trashy wallet)

Cosy Arioch feels (mirror selfie with eye contact)

Real professional adult sulkily goes apartment hunting by themself in the rain (blurry bus selfie w/ eye contact)

Happy Winter day from this disembodied head (selfie, eye contact)

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