Meeting i was spiraling about went well

Albeit, kris was there

Here's a sleepy dog- friendly cafe selfie (blurry, with eye contact)

I acquired a very enthusiastic tail on the way to the store

Is this selfie tumblr allowable?

(suggestive (boobs), maybe lewd if you zoom, selfie, eye contact)

Science is serious business with a strict dress code (selfie, eye contact)

Sleepy GM wonders why they got out of bed (selfie, eye contact)

Got entirely ready to go to work but bed magnetism is too stronk. (Selfie, eye contact)

pre-walk picture of both dogs

turns out Kris delights in mental challenges and problem solving, and my parents' dog tries to solve problems with his voice

Here's a pic of my sister and i with a proud doggo

My poor shoes

They really did not sign up for this.

Maenad trivia: for my 16th birthday, i made my parents take me to a show with octopus project and and you will know us by the trail of dead. They're performing together again this year.

At the show (when i was 16) i bought this plush.

It's time for pouting and toe licks

(Dog, foot)

The back of the toilet in the upstairs bathroom in my parents' house (teeth, scavenged bones)

Wait is this a laser selfie?
Also am i a teenage emo boi yet?
(Eye contact)

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