Real professional person who you should definitely hire because they are v. Competent mirror selfie w/ eye contact

(Yes, this shirt has ruffles and pink plz send help)

Is this okay interview makeup? (Selfie, eye contact)

I know dming Gothic horror doesn't really require dressing up, but... (Selfie, eye contact)

It's in the 90s and this is the best part of my apartment

Swallow here is sitting here vocalizing at the pool and now I'm concerned

Old school goth night selfie (by which I mean it's old school goth music) w/ eye contact

I can't stop thinking about my code running at home....

Not sure how to style them yet but I got a massive horn upgrade today (selfie, eye contact)

Friends gave me a new necklace, so here's a self indulgent selfie w/eye contact and a food

Pants pic, alch 

Selfie w/eye contact, alch ref 

Do you wanna read a gay Viking fairy tale? I've got a comicbook rec for you!

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