So stimulated he can barely stand it (there's another dog)

The only lip balm I could find that didn't have stuff I was allergic to in it was plumping. (Selfie, eye contact)

Operation "stop making your face itch" is going suspectly

Maenad comes home from goth winter ball (selfie, eye contact)

Spend enough time mocking people on tinder and you'll eventually be stood up

(Selfie, eye contact)
((Karma for the girl i accidentally stood up last week))

The face of someone with a cold who's in for a painful self- maintenance day. (Selfie, eye contact)

Tfw you're about to make your lvl 3 players encounter a named demon (selfie, eye contact)

Dude wanted a selfie then apologized that his friends (who I'd not met) were assholes

Then he asked me which clubs were open

So here's a very blurry selfie

@xyzzy i missed your birthday but here's a discombobulated tiefling i made

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