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"but your honor, I HAD to go to the thrift store to pick up promo materials for the trans resource center"
"Sure, but what did you buy while you were there?"
"... Brocade pants"

.... Pic related, it's my legs in pants

friend keeps asking me for a headshot for our business page and it's been not a good time for a while because I'm in grading hell

if he asks again I'll probably just send him this pic and to hell with it (selfie, eye contact)

also, hanged man, which is separated due to me not actually checking my block sizing before carving (I have some 4"x6" and I presumed my other larger blocks were ALSO 4"x6" but they are instead 5"x7" which is BS)

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Put makeup on before leaving the house for the first time in a minute (outside of goth event contexts) (blurry bus selfie w/ eye contact)

It's almost a real thing. Gotta decide if I like this aesthetic or am just feeling lazy.

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