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Yr favorite goth stopped throwing up long enough to skip quarantine (selfie, eye contact)

Fool and Hierophant prelim.

People are mean to Skelton friend :(

Just bought Oathbreakers, a ttrpg by Sword Queen Games, and oh my god.

I generally like her stuff but certain art in this hits me VERY hard.

trying to make my makeup say "fuck you" as clearly as possible without actually writing the words on my face

(selfie, eye contact)


The least healthy way to do a breakup (I'm out with friends, this is actually fine)

lewd, shitpost-esque 

mocked this up

we'll see if I ever get the courage to print it


Went with makeup. Got carried away. (Selfie, eye contact)

Current amazon shopping list (yes, amazon is evil, unfortunately they're substantially cheaper than the other suppliers I'm looking at)

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