searching spike kits on behalf of a small child help me

A reminder that is going offline soon. I just don't have the spoons to run it. Many thanks to everyone who trusted me to call it home.

portland / read if you are attending counter protests 

Recommendation for Vonda Lee’s Green Bone Saga. Postcolonial urban fantasy with an Asian disaporic viewpoint. Unusual in Asian fantasy, which usually stays close to the home culture.

pointless stress 

the interview went about as well as could reasonably be expected but here I am stressing about minor wording and knowing this is going to be happening for ages


Me: stressing for three days about interview outfits
Interviewer: shows up in jeans and a t shirt

please read this, violence, protesting, antisemitism and racism 

the full length mirror is 5 paces from the bed where Kris has been hanging out all day, but he still has to escort me there

he's gonna be real salty he doesn't get to come with to the interview

this is an appealing folder thumbnail (cartoon ec) 

Here's my Oven Witch from last year!! I really like to work with orange haha. It's my favourite color.

Real professional person who you should definitely hire because they are v. Competent mirror selfie w/ eye contact

(Yes, this shirt has ruffles and pink plz send help)

Ftr the only way I know how to do eyeliner this light is to put it on before I take a shower -.-

Is this okay interview makeup? (Selfie, eye contact)

sex toy advice request, boosts ok! 

@CorvusRobotica for whatever reason I always assumed you were older than me but apparently no

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