"for when you need to assure everyone that the real party is in your ass" - @Naux 2020

gatekeeping tinder matches 

e-begging, asking for help, money, boosts good 

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Anger, help request 

bitter posting 

this was honestly the best interaction I've had since social distancing

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I made a discord bot that draws tarot cards so @arden countered with a discord bot that draws runes

me being a creep 

Pandemic daily: reach out to someone you don't talk to much and check in on them

complain, isolation, chemicals (THC) 

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complain, isolation 

Here's the recording on YouTube of the panel on game design with me, Grant Howitt, and Jason Morningstar for the konline convention if you missed it: youtube.com/watch?v=J8vfecvGzt

got full goth to sit on my bed and watch daria

(selfie, eye contact, cleavage)

the reality is he probably misinterpreted the statement "no use flattening THESE curves" but we're still all a bit skeptical of him

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Goth server admin life: jumping on a guy who was a mild dick to a thick girl who posted a naked selfie

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