Went to a friend's house.

He gave me water, and food, and then told me to take a nap.

I now feel a lot better.

I am sort of annoyed at how it took someone else to do that but we won't dwell on that.


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Wrestling is a wonderful wonderful thing sometimes. Trans representation in wrestling is like the best thing ever.


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I half remember these symbols from a book on magical symbols I was leafing through in my university library’s basement over a decade ago. Does anyone know where they come from? I remember it’s to do with numbers magic. It’s possibly From Hermeticism?

#3dprinting #magic #numerology

friend just found out what happens when I experience a head massager.

apparently what happens is complete neurological malfunction

landlords being .... not assholes? 

So, for the record (worth clarifying for people I could just DM):

I am panicking because moving. I am using other personal projects to hyperfocus on something that doesn't stress me out, at the cost of .... lack of progress towards moving.

today's tutoring 

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mh neg 

good news: I started packing my decks of cards


I got to 12 and stopped

Starting to pack up my house tonight

What should I pack first?

It's 3 PM and I have only one question: WHAT am I doing with my life?

@anarchosynthiecat grammar only matters in that it improves clarity of communication, and your communication was plenty clear!

@genderlessmenace666 I mostly agree, although witches and wizards are VERY different (and I hate wizards)

@catoutofbed @KitRedgrave in a sense this is market research - I'm writing a game and debating the relative merits of making "the witch" female

merits: there are some interesting bits I can imply by making them female

cons: I think playing with a genderqueer witch has really interesting implicaiton


I guess I definitely want to make the witch NOT male.

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