Is it time for an updating of the seven sins? Like, who thinks it's pride or gluttony behind the evils of our world? What do you think:


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@weapxnfriend competition can be fun... If it's roleplayed. Legolas/Gimli were competitive, and "bet you can't tank more than me" can be healthy for the party.

But sour players sour the game.

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@pagrus @epilanthanomai yeah, JUST caught that on re-reading.

sorry I've been shouting about trans misogyny today.

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@epilanthanomai I like that I spelt "monogamy" "misogyny" in this tweet. We're both against both, I guess.

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right before J and I left and we were kinda working things out and I'd just gotten a new partner and J was dealing with jealousy off and on.

Then I got the news about my dad and J was like "call her so she can keep you company while I straighten things out at work".

A+ reaction, v good, will think about that one for ages.

sorry for the lack of CWs, it just is so hard to find the right ones when I'm this emotionally worn down.

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@epilanthanomai no, we talked a lot about misogyny. We're against it (I'm against it, he's done a lot of reading to figure out his stance). I talked about what I want from him. Told him I don't want him to date people who aren't willing to be friends with me, and that I'll focus on that too - they can be OUR friends and only have benefits with one or the other.

toxic chick got fed up when he told her "no".

my therapist joked with me that the universe was just trying to shove us together.

I don't believe in that kind of thing but. It's a funny, if vain, thought. "Your grandmother was the warning shot".

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I was sitting with him when my grandmother died and said something like "what am I going to do? make you drive me to St Louis to say goodbye?" and he said "I will" and we went "wait nevermind"

48 hrs later we were in line at Jo Ann's and I got the phone call that my dad died. So that was the "okay guess we're going to NJ now" moment.

My grandmother died because she was old, my dad died from a heart attack while doing yard work.

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right before I left a dude I'd been sort of seeing for a long time debated stopping talking to me to go monogamous with this really toxic chick and I had to be like "we're friends so let me just say she sounds toxic." (between "I've known you two weeks so stop talking to this person and date me" and "I don't like oral but maybe if I'm drunk")

he drove me to NJ from NM and back 1 week later. Road trip took 3 weeks. Guess we're dating now, like for real.

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In the last month I lost two members of my family, roadtripped across the country and back, and made countless masks.

if you need a cloth mask, hmu.

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@RadiantEmber also making meal planning a cooperative exercise is skill building for when kids eventually live independently.

@noelle @InspectorCaracal as someone who goes through workout fixation periods, a good workout is one that makes you feel happy but tired/sweaty afterwards. That's it! If it feels good and is more active than what you would otherwise be doing, it's a good workout!

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I’m pretty sure that podcasts now are just an excuse for adult men to call each other on the phone and have a meaningful one hour conversation.

@spud I probably could! but I can't walk into one at the moment due to *waves hands*

@smollobster agreed but I gotta open a business account SOMEWHERE and I feel bad digging holes in my yard to bury my gold considering I rent

does anyone have recs for minimally problematic banks?

@diabola @pagrus @pelagikat my actual advise is to form a network of collaborators who will provide you useful review. Unfortunately, forming this network means taking the plunge and asking people to look at your work :X

@benhamill yeah, I've been doing a lot of plank but mostly just sticking a couch cushion under my knees and doing a mildly elevated knee plank

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