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My favorite (D&D) player is a 10 year old girl

Today we're both playing in a FFA combat thing

She keeps passing me Werther's Originals

I told her dad I was happy they'd adopted me into their family - I'm happy to be the third kid (her older brother is playing but is slightly less charming, although still awesome)

Game store owner won't let my friend run homebrew on AL nights cause he's afraid I'd want to play and he'd run out of "good" DMs.

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🎁 Hello Everyone! 🎁

We'll be doing Mastodon Secret Sneepsnop yet again this year!

The Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop! It's an entirely digital gift exchange for the winter season~

More details to follow, Stay tuned!

⚠️ Please note: This year the Sneepsnop (and therefore this account) is being run by @SuricrasiaOnline!

No Promises - Mae

"I'm a little on the ruthless side but you already knew it"

this account is just for dog stories now

nothing else, just dogs

(and nothing is changed)

I have a queen size comforter why does my butt always stick out

oh because Kris uses 80% of it

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Kris grabs his chew, jumps on the bed, drops his chew, and promptly sighs and pretends he's going to sleep

Dogs: really just like us

I'm fired from tea

at least all of my things smell faintly spiced instead of bitter

everyone, of every gender, deserves a pair of opaque leggings with pockets

so it turns out I actually don't feel comfortable being overtly horny on main

even though, like, there's no reason I couldn't be? I'd still CW things appropriately as much as I do now (which is to say, not perfectly, but enough).

I deleted my AD 'cause I wanted to stop self-censoring (not like... stop using CWs, but stop feeling like I had to post things in the right place)


D&D over and I still have mot of a pot of tea

time to.......... nap

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It's the time of year where being able to take off your bra without removing the garments over it has applications beyond public changing


should I go home and chug water and make tea before D&D or should I sit here and fret to death?


DM: Can't help but notice how much your new character-- Gandalf the WHITE, is it?-- resembles your LAST character, GARY. You didn't even change the name!

GARY: Yeah, well how he died was BULLSHIT.

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