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things I've done that have nothing to do with relationships or sex:
1) worked out a thing in my skincare I was allergic to and now have even better skin
2) opened a new tube of mascara
3) reconfigured my room to be MINE
4) gotten compliments on how well trained my dog is
5) figured out a food thing I react badly to
6) started cooking what I want just for me and it's GREAT

2019 is already so much better than 2018 EVEN THOUGH I am doing one of the most stressful things I've done in my life


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me: there's all this white shit on the ground
my mom: sorry it's a shit day for you, take care

Dude wanted a selfie then apologized that his friends (who I'd not met) were assholes

Then he asked me which clubs were open

So here's a very blurry selfie

oh uhhhh advice - should I add just a little bit of glitter to my chest????

What little thing do you do before a date that the date-ee will probably never notice?

*mumbles incoherently*

.... and that's the story of why I'm listening to a fountains of wayne album at 12:30 AM

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google: oh you've listened to both No Doubt and Blink 182 today you must REALLY WANT TO HEAR TEENAGE DIRTBAG

me: oh...okay actually

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