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what is the appropriate response when someone pokes the spikes you're wearing and then gets disappointed they weren't sharp enough to draw blood?

light existential horror 

sometimes, on stressful days, when I'm mentally kicking a fit over "having" to do things I enjoy, I ask myself "what would your friend @signalstation do?"

but the answer ("sell out and start plugging Some Cookies ™️ ") is not always useful :(

Is tea tree oil supposed to burn or am I allergic to it?

I always thought it was supposed to, but then I thought soap was supposed to, too...

Ads, dystopia 

Right now I have an unused room for -reasons-

Kris definitely thinks it's his exercise/play room.

Took Kris to vet for checkup

Their conclusion: he's perfect

My conclusion: yes

can anyone recommend a dentist in seattle that is nice to trans people

Maenad comes home from goth winter ball (selfie, eye contact)

Make canonically bi characters bi in film/TV.

Bisexuals have been saying for decades that it's not a binary label, that you shouldnt assume bisexuals are only attracted to two genders, that you shouldnt assume there ARE only two genders.
Basically, what I'm saying is, people push a false definition of bisexuality to justify their biphobia. Its bullshit that should be swiftly shut down.

oh since I haven't really posted much about my dating life in ages I'm also casually dating a sweet boy who likes going out to goth nights in skirts

I have a second date with butch trans girl

she has a giant pair of horns (true story, I've seen pics)

this is probably going to end with me making a fool of myself somehow but it's good

gamer girl bitterness, explicit 

Maaaybe instead of working on giving myself the passes I give other people I should work on holding people to a higher standard. 🤔

is it too late to go back in time and be an emo boy?

Semi- #ThrowbackThursday - Check out the #patreon link for a process gif of this illustrated haiku! (I'm trying out making them public access.)
#mastoart #poem #poetry #haiku

I always forget how much I like PUP the band until they come out with a new single and I'm like RIGHT

trivial life events 

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