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why did I get a bunch of postcards + bookmarks from fairylogue press? I feel like I'd remember ordering this....

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neighbor kid saga, inappropriate speculation 

neighbor kid saga 

neighbor kid saga 

neighbor kid saga 

neighbor kid saga 

neighbor kid saga 

conversations with a kid 

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trans woman in need of help, upstate NY :boost_ok: 

sometimes I think about zombocom and feel empowered

"I'm so excited to run this game, I put all my favorite monsters in it, I hope you're ready for hags, hags, and some more hags"
"oh and maybe a wisp or two"

on the one hand, Lizzo is awesome and her tinydesk concert was amazing.

On the other hand, I'm still excited to hear other tinydesk concerts because it's a decent curated collection of concerts.

I hope you didn't expect the second hand to be a critique of Lizzo because no.

I've been watching Stranger Kitchens every time a new one comes out -

a youtube series about two wholesome London boys who wander around to find strangers to cook lunch for

mh, med 

nyc real estate SUCKS

(also we need a roomate for sept 1 for a bedroom in bed stuy. yes, this is serious. itd be about 975. laundry in building, its directly across the street from a grocery store, right by the a/c too. great neighborhood. serious inquiries only)

also, me as a player: "we can't kill things for the sin of being ugly"

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