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@tessaracht I didn't forget to PM you I just forgot on Wednesday that the next day was Thursday

if that makes sense

dear ex-boss

yes, I'm unemployed, chugging monster in a logo tee with a zit on my face

you created this


(not actually bitter, things are fine)

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Cyberhell dystopia 

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So long story short my dad took $350 out of my bank account without telling me and refuses to give it back. I am now $350 short to pay off my bills. I'm opening up emergency commissions. You can find the list here:

DM me to order!

I also have an etsy shop if you'd like to support me through there:

Boosts are much appreciated thank you!

#creativetoots #art #digitalart #artistofmastodon #mastodonart #commissions #open

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Witches Town: official pinned ebook marketing thing 

Hot take: if you're gonna put yourself in the mentor role for any group of people, you should make sure you have the emotional space to mentor

It's not always true that something is better than nothing


kid's mom and I had a frank conversation about kid last night


kid apparently asked her for a step dad 😿

So I wrote a cyberpunk hack of swords without master and honestly can't wait until the 14th to test it.

Aaaaaaaaanyone wanna play a storytelling game tomorrow evening?

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LB: I hope that happens to me today

even if I set up a date in a coffee shop to run Swords Without Master for some friends.

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I ask because a local convention has all of the infrastructure for diversity, but in practice, none of the diversity

If I get to stay here, I'll probably run games at the local trans resource center and reach out to my local female gamer friends in an effort to target invites to those audiences.

job stuff 

Just got an e-mail to schedule a phone interview for an online adjunct thing and one of google's suggested responses was "Yay!"

Dear queer nerd friends, of which you are many -

What would convince you to go to a local nerd convention? Assuming they already had policies in place for reporting harassment and you wouldn't be the only queer or trans attendee?

The funny thing about my interview with the team yesterday is one of them had met me before when I was volunteering to judge an elementary science fair.

kid: drops pillow
kid: "oh shit I dropped the fucking pillow"

me, laughing: "you should be careful not to use that language at school"

Me: "So what would you say your day-to-day routine is?"
Data Scientist: "Well, I come in, get coffee, talk to Dave about burritos, go get a burrito and then maybe do some work in the afternoon"
Chief Data Scientist: *facepalming in despair*
Me, thinking: the shit cis straight white men get away with

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