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I want to clarify that this post isn't a subtoot of anyone who might read this

I'm working on collaborative projects with a handful of straight men my age, one of whom is my ex, and I'm getting really tired of having the "no, not like that" conversation

sometimes I hate forming friendships with straight men, especially if they're single

I don't like the "will they, won't they" feeling, especially not from mutual friends. ESPECIALLY NOT FROM ME.

friendships are good. collaborative friendships are better. romantic partnerships are often disappointing.

someone told me I have catlike energy

now it's a thing I allcaps at them whenever they're asking for attention

Accidentally wrote an RPG for the -200 Word RPG Design Challenge. It destroys 200 words of any written work it encounters. The ink is screaming. I'm rolling dice but nothing helps. The language is leaving us.

Anyway, it's on

the problem with having a not-kid in a difficult situation is I get all of these ADORABLE pictures and then can't post to social media in good conscience

just imagine a tiny blond person holding a knife

On the bus to court for my not-kid (selfie, eye contact)


Watching people be affectionate with each other when the timeline gets quiet late at night is AMAZING



420, I guess - mostly allergies 

I guess... I will probably put up an etsy store for print copies of things? They will be printed by me and hand stitched by me.


I wrote a game/zine about self care now if only I can get my act together and follow the plan laid out for me by me:

'tis the season to tell people about potatoes and molasses

Ejected From The Establishment For Refusing To Stop Hollering About Hell Orbs

1. write rpg stuff
2. play rpgs
3. read rpg stuff
4. talk about rpg stuff online

choose 2

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