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Because I haven't said it verbatim in some time: this, and all of my games, is a trans friendly game and ANY transphobes will be immediately booted.

However, it's also a feminine horror game, which means that issues of identity and queerness/transness may also come up in play.

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Friends - I'm running bluebeard's bride online again tonight. 7 Mountain time (local), 6 pacific, 9 eastern.

DM me if you're interested!

Hey @thornyonmain wanna play Bluebeard's bride on discord now? Or anyone else?

Remember: it's rude to run a Voight-Kampff test without consent

injury joke 

anything is a bludgeoning weapon if you try hard enough

or: how I gave myself a black eye with my laptop

other people's internalized transphobia, crossdressing 

I still maintain that recreational crossdressing is important because how do people know their gender if playing with gender expression is utterly forbidden/if they've never played with their gender expression

guess it turns out this particular lady was never really crossdressing

glad I'm apparently the kind of person they felt safe telling, giant horns and all

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other people's internalized transphobia, crossdressing 

It's funny - I sort of exaggerated "stranger" because we were in the same bar/music scene and would hang out afterwards while I waited for a ride and they smoked - not talking much

they used to crossdress sometimes (... dressing femme when they otherwise presented masc)

today they said "this is the last time you'll see me as [deadname], it's [ladyname] only after this, I got hormones"

I said "good for you!" genuinely, and we hugged

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at least now I have selfies to point to if I say I'm a demon

debating: adding drawings under my left eye a la red wizard of thay (I'm a nerd no excuse)


spike mask

I think I will BRING spike mask at the very least

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halloween is a shitty day for a dog whose anxiety spikes when knocking happens

I got to meet baby shark and masterchief though

me: terrified about agreeing to tutor someone in stats
them: so what's this squiggly line?
me: ... you mean an interval?

Do I look unholy enough? Costume dry run, mirror selfie, eye contact

local kickstarter reward: play a game run by yours truly

I am not 100% ready tbh

just backed out of a social engagement because I need to repair my horns

no one blinked at that

got good friends

if you want to know whether you can vaccinate your kids and want to ask an actual vaccine expert, turns out I am one. Got a PhD to prove it and everything.

However, spoilers: I will say you should.

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