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On the one hand: everyone deserves love
On the other hand: you're not obligated to love anybody

I'm trying to be more transparent with various friends with what I do with my time that isn't "twiddle my thumbs and stare at the ceiling"

mostly because I think I established a pattern of being available all the time and now some friends think I'm not interested when I don't respond right away

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Tutored for 9 hours today, DMed for 2 hours, and put a deposit on a space rental for a large event + craft fair I'm running in December.

Gotta write more and prep for my class tomorrow before I go to sleep.

Illustrated Haiku, CW for kinda lewd/implied nudity, kinda creepy, weirdly tender. 

Deploy the Elite Snog Division
#mastoart #art #illustration #haiku #poem #poetry

Psst, hey! I have some availability in my schedule for new freelance work. If you need 2D game art or illustration, email me at ✨meagantrott [at] gmail✨
🎨 Portfolio:
🎨 Tarot game:

I'm ... tutoring for 7.5 hours today and DMing for 2.5 and someone please remind me that life exists outside videochats.

mh ~, friend dilemma 

friend is going through a really hard time and expressing this weird combination of feeling left out/feeling out of place when included yet also backing out of 50k things.

Wish I was better at expressing intimacy/could tell them they matter to me when it doesn't seem like I'm being guilted into it.

mastopals, please pass along! undocumented trans woman in Toronto (hi) is being salevicted & needs a new home by Jan 1st! 

solid rental history; keeps stuff clean; neurodivergent; non-smoker/-vaper; serves the all-indoor calico in my pinned toots, hmu for more details!

AMA: The floor is open for questions, by which I mean if you ask a question, the floor opens and you get eaten by a hideous beast of legend I keep down there while I chortle and watch alongside my skinny cackling puppet best friend.

the most effective line from tonight's bluebeard's bride game 

"don't you want to be beautiful?"

I guess that's a "yes" on "can I make BBB compelling"

I feel really confident now.

Me: sitting on the other couch today (because it's squishier and I feel bad)

Kris: "hey that's my spot"

And now we're sharing the one seat which means I'm not all on the couch

what you need to play Bluebeard's Bride with me (and potentially @signalstation ) if you're interested in feminine gothic horror:

you do not need to have a working familiarity with the rules, dice, or any knowledge of the game or system

You DO need to have the desire to play a feminine horror game, though

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Friends - I'm running bluebeard's bride online again tonight. 7 Mountain time (local), 6 pacific, 9 eastern.

DM me if you're interested!

Bluebeard's Bride, last night's practice run 

the Witch: "Wait, our husband likes large buff ladies with short hair .... is our husband gay?"
the Mother: "Also, where are the children? He's been married before but we haven't seen any children in the house"

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