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gaslighting, vent 

I really love how everyone in my family seems to think "that didn't happen" is... an acceptable response to "why did you do x?"

If you don't have plans for this weekend you could try playtesting this for me



Fall harvest celebrations predate colonization

The ritual of giving thanks is a good mindfulness exercise

But celebrating this holiday without acknowledging the genocide of indiginous americans seems wrong

"what makes this a special sale?"

oh, I guess "no questions asked" doesn't mean you can't ask me questions, darn

nothing makes this a special sale you can literally do this any day, but itch sent out an e-mail suggesting a holiday sale so I figured I should announce the sale.

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Okay maybe questions asked, like "what's your favorite movie about dying in space?" or "have you listened to this podcast?" or "let us know if one of the pages makes you giggle" but you know

no qualifying questions asked.

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Tomorrow, we are having a special sale on DYING IN SPACE!

PM me or @signalstation and we will get you a download key FREE, no questions asked.

Black Friday has always been a feast day in my family - I invite over my friends and we eat delicious food.

We don't shop.

We don't leave the house except to walk the dogs.

As such, Black Friday is one of my favorite holidays of the year, which always earns me funny looks.

Why not stay home this Black Friday with some awesome indie creator content instead?

✅ pyjama-wear appropriate
✅ no crowds
✅ relaxing
✅ discover something new
✅ supporting people not corporations
✅ great value

Indie content: the civilized way to enjoy your Friday.

Creators, please reply with your digitally available books/games/comics/TTRPGs/anything people can enjoy from home on Friday! Sales not necessary. :boost_ok:

pop music gossip, recent exposure to trash mags rambling 

it really bothers me when I see gossip mags speculating about halsey/yungblood's breakup like ... halsey said "sometimes people just aren't meant to stay together" and also is like 10 years older than him

like.... it's 100% possible they just didn't work out and are handling it like grownups and there's literally no gossip there but NOOOOOOOOOO

Kris doesn't like the sound of trains overhead

Or below

One of the few things he's flat wrong about

I love when strangers neg me by pointing out that I have dark circles like I don't own a mirror

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lb: if I didn't REALLY love my profile pic (thanks again @sherm ), I'd be tempted to make the pic on the right my profile pic for a bit.


capitalism, airports 

I rate this lipstick a B+ - nice and creamy, feels like chapstick, but isn't the most opaque and wears off hella fast.

On the flip side, it's $6 at the body shop full price, which makes it cheaper than the Nyx stuff I wear most of the time.

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capitalism, airports 

airports: where buying lipstick you don't need so that you have an excuse to spend 40 minutes trying on makeup you already know in a store is an acceptable way to pass time (help this layover has balooned from 3 to 5 hours and I am so bored).

Anyway, now I've added satin black lipstick + black holo gloss to my carry on, where it can join the matte black + matte glitter black.

February 2020: The month when mags gets to see AJJ and Pup live 2 weeks apart.

Health related shitposts 

Look I know they're cancer causing or something, but "free radicals" sound like something I want to encourage

Of the two of us, which looks like they could most reasonably be called "professor"? (Selfie, eye contact, dog)

Alch, brain fail from today 

The closest brewery to my house only has beer (alcohol-wise), but has coffee on tap. This means I only ever get coffee.

Which means I forget they're a bar and am utterly flabbergasted when they're closed at 2 pm on a Monday.

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