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I'm a:
Professor of Analytics, doing the academia thing until I rage quit.

baker/dog owner/wannabe goth/poppunk nostalgist/(s)witch/comic nerd/crafter

Wantonly bisexual, terrible at romance, worse at monogamy, permanently angry at gender norms.

I am OBSESSED with ttrpgs. Check out what I write at, what I run/play at, and what I make at

today I watched a sex educator do a spit take when I told her I was into queer horror 😅

Me selling paintings I made, boosts help me find clients 

So, I have these paintings for sale. There are more too, and I am open for commissions. So let me know if you might be interested, or if you have questions.

A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

Matteo Zignani, Christian Quadri, Alessia Galdeman, Sabrina Gaito andGian Paolo Rossi from the University of #Milan scraped all english speaking instances (363) listed on, wrote a paper about it and are distributing the dataset.

“In this context, we release a dataset gathered from Mastodon, […]“

“These data have been collected by implementing an ad-hoc tool for downloading the public timelines of the servers, namely instances, that form the Mastodon platform, along with the meta-data associated to them.“

“The spider exploits the instance list obtained from the previous step and makes a pool of requests to the instance endpoint 4 which returns the latest toots of the local timeline. Since the time-lines implement a pagination mechanism, the spider extracts the URL for the next request and repeat this procedure till it reaches the end of the timeline.”

“In the terms of service and privacy policy the gathering and the usage of public available data is never explicitly mentioned, consequently our data collec-tion seems to be complaint with the policy of the instance.“


#FediAdmin #MastoAdmin #MastoDev #Privacy

Mastodon Content Warnings: Inap…

to be clear, the reason for not accepting any invite is "I'm actually pretty booked if you ping me day of"

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dude and his wife have started sending me daily invites for fun things

and I'm interpreting that as urgency

but today's invite is at 1 PM while "drawing with queerdos" is at 2 PM and honestly one of those might be more important to me

today in tunnel goons: the party takes a suggestion from the least erudite party member (me), leading to everyone taking massive damage


"she's picked up on your reluctance to look her in her meat face"

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and we're live over at even if "live" is a subjective statement at the moment in that the energy is low

you: minding your own business
me, at the top of my lungs: WINE AND WOMEN AND WONDERFUL VICES

(this is becoming a problem. )

Decided to spite the friend who keeps saying I have "catlike energy". It backfired. (Selfie, eye contact)

Hey, you gonna be anywhere near Albuquerque, New Mexico in mid-April?

If you drop by New Mexicon ( you'll be able to play some games with @maenad and me. Dunno what we're doing yet, but it's gonna be /something./

kiddo's mom: hey is your space kid friendly?
me: uhhhh yeah so far

good friend with a degree in elementary education: hey I really wanna get into games as educational tools
me: if you want us to sponsor a weekly afterschool outreach thing????

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someone who likes branded social media more than I do is making an instagram for the space (we're calling it , since it's under our LLC Mindflower Creative)

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20 day warning: I am doing a low budget kickstarter in February for a zine as part of zine quest.

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lackluster invitations 

"what are you up to?"
"working on my kickstarter"
"wait the one for the con or a different one"
"different one"
"anything I should know about it?"
"do you wanna come over? I just took melatonin"

if you want to hang out with me and @signalstation irl and check out my sick new studio space (+maybe my apartment, even though that's a few miles away), consider coming to New Mexicon

(tickets on sale now, some restrictions apply, I am trying to do a riff on the annoying commercial voice but I apparently can't)

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inappropriate landlord jokes 

lease signing

landlord: "so what are you using the space for? sex parties?"
me: "yes"
business partner: "total eyes wide shut deal"
me: "so anyway we'll need to set this room up as a recording studio, and then this room can be prep"
landlord: "wait, really?"
me: "yes"
business partner: "well, games"
me: "sex games"


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