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art print i've done for a kickstarter, CW for eye contact and implied blood (it's actually just tea though) 

It's almost a real thing. Gotta decide if I like this aesthetic or am just feeling lazy.

Carved this today and won't get to try a print until tomorrow :(

today I did the "handshake - to - hug" maneuver and honestly, HONESTLY


me hanging out in my art space while my landlord plays music and paints the hall walls

talking to him casually

"personal jesus" comes on


I told him we WEREN'T actually going to have sex parties in there he can't see how I react to that song

probably worth saying I'm fine now I'm just realizing I need to be careful about scheduling meals

ED, food, insecurity, dear diary 

Alch ref 

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The current back of my jacket featuring strength inverted, "and in the end we'll start again", "why do I start what I can't finish" and "the worst is over"

19 people have responded "interested" to Dying in Space at the tonight


that's a lot of people holy fucking shit

I am so fucking pumped

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