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art print i've done for a kickstarter, CW for eye contact and implied blood (it's actually just tea though) 

Sarah commissioned me to illustrate an A4 print, which is included in the £30 tier for the kickstarter of her very cool comic. It comes with a hardback of the comic, and prints by two other artists!

#mastoart #art #illustration #commission #commissionme #kickstarter

It's almost a real thing. Gotta decide if I like this aesthetic or am just feeling lazy.

Carved this today and won't get to try a print until tomorrow :(

today I did the "handshake - to - hug" maneuver and honestly, HONESTLY


Someone on FB was complaining about how hard it is to take a picture of your own butt so I had to try

... Witch butt selfie

me hanging out in my art space while my landlord plays music and paints the hall walls

talking to him casually

"personal jesus" comes on


I told him we WEREN'T actually going to have sex parties in there he can't see how I react to that song

probably worth saying I'm fine now I'm just realizing I need to be careful about scheduling meals

ED, food, insecurity, dear diary 

have starved myself into a migraine twice this week by accident

told bed partner I need to eat more often

he said "well, duh"

... which honestly surprised me because I'm so used to people thinking I must eat too much because I'm fat

Alch ref 

I'm hungover af hence making sunglasses inside a fashion statement

Kids, make sure you're hydrated and fed before drinking

Alternatively, shoot down the girl buying you drinks (don't do this)

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The current back of my jacket featuring strength inverted, "and in the end we'll start again", "why do I start what I can't finish" and "the worst is over"

19 people have responded "interested" to Dying in Space at the tonight


that's a lot of people holy fucking shit

I am so fucking pumped

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