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RBF selfie
... Local coffee shop sold me a day old lemon rosemary scone and a giant coffee for $2 and I feel like I'm ripping them off.

Yr favorite goth stopped throwing up long enough to skip quarantine (selfie, eye contact)

Betty Who is the child Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake probably never had, and also might make you gayer.

Betty Who - The One

Fool and Hierophant prelim.

People are mean to Skelton friend :(

Just bought Oathbreakers, a ttrpg by Sword Queen Games, and oh my god.

I generally like her stuff but certain art in this hits me VERY hard.

smirking about stuff that happened last night that I'm starting to remember

like, talking to my trans friend and her roommate about some cis gay dude and realizing that her roommate, despite living with a trans girl for years, doesn't know what cis means (it was a fun conversation, he's not an asshole)

or apparently at one point insisting that the only porn I watch is kinetic sand

after lots of angst for the last few days I had a REALLY good night. Just.... really good. Dancing was disappointing, but hanging out in my friends' house drinking and chatting with the two of them about anything was great.

remembering to center me as a person with friends and interests instead of me as an object of someone else's affection is good for me apparently.

And, to that aim, today's plans involve art and naps.

There's a lot of misinformation out there, so here are a few tips from me, an expert on everything:

-Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

-Alcohol-based hand sanitizers ARE helpful

-Eat grease straight from your frying pan

-Worship at the feet of Garmr, the Norse dog who guards the gates of Hell

more of mags complaining about men ™️ 

The best thing about being in this laundromat is listening to an old gay couple argue about how to fold their fitted sheet

The second best thing is finding my silk paint in my dirty laundry

Update: went to the laundromat in this makeup. The only person staring at me is the attendant.

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weightloss, I guess 

also one nice thing about leaning goth on the makeup as people slowly start using they/them for me more is there will definitely be men in the goth scene wearing more makeup than me tonight.

anyone can wear as much makeup as they like, obv.

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makeup videos: if you do a heavy eye look go with a nude lip

me: look I'm just gonna use as much black and/or red both places as I feel like and call it good.

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