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I need to reprioritize, and clear some things off my to do list.


In the meantime, there's dog cuddles and coffee.

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I feel like the only person I'm not letting down is me, and that's important

I wish I could stop feeling like I was letting everyone else down, but ehhh.... maybe that'll happen later?

I've commissioned some rad art (and received it). I talk almost daily to someone I like and who has no expectations of me besides "wrangling the dog(s)". Although she'd maybe like it if I returned the plate she brought me cookies on.

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I'm tired. I'm stressed.

I'm full time teaching faculty, and tutoring my butt off, and trying to bring some papers to publication because they were backburnered (editors 2 years ago: "yeah but who cares about viral invasion into the US?"), trying to publish my kickstarter

it's like 4 full time jobs and all I wanna do is sit on the front step and drink with my neighbor and watch my strawberry plants grow

time enough for everything, I guess.

vaccine discourse complain 

so I am definitely anti-antivax But certain people buy into way too much fake news

"stupid antivax people might bring back smallpox" except... we haven't vaccinated for smallpox in decades since we eradicated it? the only risk of smallpox is from bioterrorism?

"we have polio in the US because of antivax people" ... polio hasn't been part of our routine vaccine schedule for AGES because it sees endemic transmission in so few countries

omg this is the most adorable optical drive design i've ever seen in a laptop

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart

"for when you need to assure everyone that the real party is in your ass" - @Naux 2020

gatekeeping tinder matches 

"low key metalhead"

> spotify connect reveals their most listened to artists are twenty one pilots and massive attack

e-begging, asking for help, money, boosts good 

i need $150 to pay my car insurance this month. i might need to drive up to ventura for my schizophrenia medication injection on the 9th if i can't get an appointment down here soon enough and my mom will more than likely refuse to take me. oh and it's due tomorrow (the 4th)

aaand $60 for my health insurance

i'm sorry for doing this. i've never done this before. i feel so terrible. but i have no choice.

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bitter posting 

I have been trying to avoid thinking about the fact that this sitch would have basically delighted my ex

this was honestly the best interaction I've had since social distancing

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I made a discord bot that draws tarot cards so @arden countered with a discord bot that draws runes

me being a creep 

found a local trans girl who I've been 🤩 about for years on fetlife

so I DMed her "you're my hero sorry this is weird"

Pandemic daily: reach out to someone you don't talk to much and check in on them

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