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Alchemy is the pursuit of purity, a metaphysical concept that is horrifying, as well as the foundation of much of modern science.

In this thread I will do some preview doodles of 4 (or 5) of the Trophy dark incursions that will eventually make up , a project by @signalstation , myself, and some (very impressive) friends.

I'm on masto less, but that doesn't mean I don't care. I'm doing fine, and building places and things I'm proud of.

If you need me, I am here.

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If you are in the Albuquerque area and need a roof, or a meal, or access to water, or a shoulder, dm me on wire or discord. Please.

You may or may not know that I've been making my own tarot deck, which I will print and distribute eventually. Anyway, here's 4 cards I printed today

Cw: nudity, skeletons

Some friends and I have a website up where one might purchase /actual physical copies/ of our RPG projects.

Candlelight: play a post-TPK party wandering as spirits, trying to maintain their humanity

Devil, Aim For Me: hunt a bank robber in a haunted Weird West setting and find your doom

So You've Been Tossed Down a Well: get back from out of that well

So if you didn't back my kickstarter, you may not know that I've published my game Climbing the Witch's Tower.

If you want spookiness and dark fairytale and tarot... check it out

So I've done a little bit of games writing lately I guess?

Here's two incursions I wrote for Trophy Dark:
Something from Nothing, an alchemical bodyhorror thing I'm told is VERY gross:
Setting a Second Sun, a folkloric daytime desert horror thing:

They both have commnity copies available and I'm proud of both my horrible brain children.

Stream going live in just a minute with a Mörk Borg tabletop session! Tonight, a crew of wretches sets out for The Death Ziggurat

I have an instagram and I am back on birdsite

If you have either of those things and want to hear more from me, DM me.

alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

our conversation ended with me yelling "I JUST WANT YOU TO MAKE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY DECISIONS" at his retreating back which means it was PROBABLY not that productive in terms of actually changing anything but WAS cathartic.

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alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

I've expressed this to him, and he's heard it but not understood it

he's like "I didn't get drunk so that I wouldn't be able to go" and I'm like "thaaaat's so far from why I'm upset you idiot I care about you"

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alcohol, houseguest, disappointment 

in the 10 days my houseguest has been here I've slept elsewhere twice

both times he's gotten problematically intoxicated

we had plans for yesterday to go into the mountains and have a day and he texted me at 2 AM that he was drunk and throwing up so couldn't go

I had fun without him

I am still hurt, exasperated, and disappointed.

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If I said an ow streamer with 50k subs was coming into town today so I could help him recover from a toxic situation in a minimally toxic environment this shirt would ID him 100%... To a crowd I don't run in

(Selfie, eye contact)

Is it time for an updating of the seven sins? Like, who thinks it's pride or gluttony behind the evils of our world? What do you think:


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