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Still having moments where I become weirdly empathetic to Kitiara

So, there's definitely a possible interpretation that I just got so mad at a local game store I partnered with a sex shop instead.

On the flip side, hanging out at a local brewery drinking cold brew (coffee) and writing a mission statement for an inclusive, punk ttrpg group wass .......... necessary for my optimism

I suppose there's also what I'm doing now: debugging code and writing a paper



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Today I:

*tutored for 6 hours
*updated my syllabus for my class
*worked on a mission statement
*playtested a game
*went to goth night to get my loot

I can't tell if that seems like a lot on paper. It is.

With our GM-less 2-in-1 RPG for 3-5 players about dying in space just about ready to launch... @maenad and I realized we neglected to do some very basic market research. So to make up for lost time:

Best place to have your character lose it all:

Why is it 11:30 PM

Why do half my confidantes live in eastern time


misogyny, sex 

this doesn't really change "greyro" status so much as it's an examination for why I need to keep my relationships, whatever their nature may be, deeply private

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misogyny, sex 

I'm a tactile person

one of my love languages is touch

one of my best friends was recently like "it would be weird to hug maenad, they have this untouchable aura" and I'm

completely at a loss for how to correct that besides mauling their cat when I need affection

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misogyny, sex 

I actually think this is probably like coming out - it's probably better to just rip the bandaid off, have the confrontations that need to be had, and move on with life

so... in this case, that would be "have a very public affair and put anyone that needs correcting in their place when they say something about it"

but I'm still so obsessed with invisible status points that I need to maintain closeted untouchable unfuckable-ness I guess

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misogyny, sex 

there's weird feminine value in being unobtainable.

if you sleep with a man, they outvalue you, and so people defer to them as being in charge of you. but they're not - you're in charge of you. so you don't sleep with men so you don't have to correct fools.

at least, you don't sleep with men that they know about. you find your conquests invisibly. and maintain an illusion of unobtainability. because being obtainable is bad.

I should probably stop.

I keep catching myself using minor able-ist language when I don't have to and it makes me sad every time.

Coming Soon:
Please put your space-affairs in space-order. Talk to your space-lawyers about living space-wills and whatnot.

A 2-in-1 RPG zine from @signalstation and @maenad.

Copy? We are go for launch in T-minus-something-something-mumble-something.

Kris: panting under the blanket
Me: pulling blanket off his head so he can breathe
Kris: "omfg what are you doing now I need to nose dive back under the blanket THANKS"

(more in: inane moments in fatigued person life)

everyone else is all "yay it's raining we live in a desert and it never rains" and I'm all "oh my god there's not enough blankets and coffee in the WORLD"

This time I'm gonna shave BOTH sides of my head so my only possible hairstyle is a man bun

Cuddling with Kris on the couch (both under the blanket) when I realize that it's dark and rainy and cold enough that coffee is doing nothing to wake me up so I walk to the dollar store for something more potent and come home and surprise him because he slept right through my leaving.

Guess we're both extra fatigued today.

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